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Thank you for joining this exciting opportunity.  I’m really looking forward to working together!  I know we’re are all going to gain so much from each other.  Below are different ways you can get started, however logging in for the first time is your next step. Come on in!

MasterMind Login

The MasterMind Member Portal will host all of the MasterMind content for each session. You can log-in here.

Weekly Planner

This planner is great at assisting you in keeping track of your questions, ideas, and next steps. Plus a whole lot more.

Zoom Roadmap

We will be using Zoom as our meeting software.  How to download the software and the steps to join each week’s meeting can be found here.

NOTE: To return to the MasterMind home page, look for the following button on any page:


“You remember how you felt when you bought your first pair of glasses?  How you could for the first time really see the definition on the trees with every leaf and branch.  I am now able to focus on the details and get rid of the clutter. Thanks for turning the lights on!”

​- Guy Nahmiach, Freeman Decorating Comp