Bruce Turkel Live 

“The most powerful and effective RoundTable workshop I’ve ever experienced.

Absolute GENIUS!”

3 min. – 34 sec.

Strategic RoundTables

December 2nd, 2021
12 Weeks Every Thursday
Noon to 2:00 pm EDT


Starting 2022
12 Weeks Every Wednesday
Noon to 2:00 pm EDT

“Bruce gets his message across through captivating storytelling that people understand, relate to, and learn from;  Stories which stay with them forever.”

Henry Martinez

President, Discovery Communications

“Bruce, you are the very best of everyone I’ve ever experienced in my career.  Your remarkable ability to instill clear ideas with humor and yet connect it all together is world-class.  Bravo!”

James Lavine

Lockheed Martin Aeronautics

So What Really Is a “Strategic RoundTable?”

Imagine having the opportunity to collaborate with an exclusive group of like-minded people focused on achieving the highest results in every area of their lives.

And 12 weeks later you have deep, powerful and trusting relationships with a tremendous new group of collaborators, mentors and experts.

During those 12 weeks you gain honest feedback, confidence, support, inspiration, certainty, new perspectives, critical insights and even some challenges – into yourself and your business, continuously learning from other business owners and leaders, and of course most importantly – acquiring long term friendships and connections.

You get an opportunity to help and to share and be part of a wonderful and exclusive community. Like I said – Real Growth!

Bruce – What’s the Format for Your RoundTables?

Each week (other than week 1 because that’s “Break the Ice Week” and a whole lot of fun) we begin with “Wins of the Week” where anyone who chooses may share their week’s wins. Then we’ll have a theme of the week. I’ll begin by stating a theory or a concept and then telling a personal or business story illuminating the results of the concept. Then we’ll open the floor to anyone who has questions, ideas, experiences, solutions and results relating to the concept – and how to apply it to their personal life and/or their business.

And then we’ll share another theory / concept / story. And then open the floor again. Then we will apply the specific learning to our participants own situtations. All driven to create solutions and RESULTS in each member’s personal life and/or business.

TRANSPARENCY: The format may change and evolve. Every member’s ideas and suggestions could reshape the format. I believe in LISTENING and being flexible to achieve the highest benefits for you – our fellow member.

See What Other People Have To Say

1 min. – 33 sec.

What You’ll Discover and What You’ll Gain:

1.  Certainty

2.  A lifelong community

3. Valuable support network

4. Honest feedback

5. Accountability

6.  Focus

7. Collaboration

8.  Trusted circle of colleagues

9.  How to think BIGGER

10. New perspectives

11. Confidence

12. Brainstorming

13. Synergy

14. Critical insights into yourself and your business

15.  A chance to learn from other businesses and leaders

16. A confidential space to discuss challenges

17. An “Informal Board of Directors”

18.  Tapping into the experiences and skills of others

19. Resources

20.  A lifetime of valuable, sincere, “real true” friendships and connections

Discover The Program That Works For You:

Strategic RoundTables

December 2nd, 2021
12 Weeks Every Thursday
Noon to 2:00 pm EDT


Starting 2022
12 Weeks Every Wednesday
Noon to 2:00 pm EDT

“We can’t do it all ourselves, but we can do it together!”

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What We Can Do Together

​Who this is for: The RoundTable is for anyone who has the desire to get a jump ahead and to achieve MORE – and most importantly, to “be the BEST VERSION OF “MYSELF” THAT I CAN BE.”  Is that you? Then yes, please – JOIN US NOW!

Who this is NOT for: First, it’s not for people who don’t take action. Why? Because they’re the first to complain instead of taking action.

Second – if you’re not all that serious about personal and business growth, this isn’t for you. Please – leave that seat open for someone who IS serious about solving problems and making change. Thank you.

Your Outcome

Creating a formula for success in “The New Normal.”  Renewed focus.  New life-long relationships.

Your Time

For many of us, there is no better way to spend our time.  Regenerate.  Recreate.  Accelerate.

Your Purpose

Our “discussions” help us discover and strengthen our purpose.  Purpose with new relationships.  Together.

Your Reason

MasterClasses and MasterMind Groups are proven to have the MOST POWERFUL and MOST POSITIVE SUSTAINING IMPACT on you and your business.

From Bruce

Make Your Own Opportunity

“Success actually requires more than virtuosity.

It calls for perseverance, marketing, attention to detail, and more than a little luck.”

“This was by far the best program I’ve ever attended. I also believe I’ve gained highly respected and trusted collaborators and friends for life – people who truly understand me and my business. If you ever have the chance, DON’T MISS IT!”

Fred Kettler

President / CEO, Kettler Financial

“The pleasure of having the opportunity to work side-by-side with Bruce Turkel is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  Thank you Bruce and fellow RoundTable members! Incredible!!”

Will Ezell

Founder, BizVisioneers

“When I signed up my future was unclear.  The RoundTable brought immense clarity and certainty.  The best thing is the quality relationships and it took only 12 short weeks to build the connections that normally would take years.”

Ana Polyakova

Social Media Consultant

“Each week I am reminded of how truly grateful I am that our paths have crossed and that I said ‘yes’ to joining the RoundTable!  I am blown away with all the counsel, advice, suggestions, and ideas that came from the group, and particularly your perspective on my personal impact!

Thank you so much.  The RoundTable has proven to be a HUGE BENEFIT!”

Mark McMahon

Founder and President, McMahon I 10s

Strategic RoundTables

December 2nd, 2021
12 Weeks Every Thursday
Noon to 2:00 pm EDT


Starting 2022
12 Weeks Every Wednesday
Noon to 2:00 pm EDT


Especially if you have any questions or special requirements.  Just let me know.

Drop me a note and I’ll respond as quickly as I can!