Bruce Turkel


Welcome to a meeting of creative minds.

The Bruce Turkel MasterClass brings our members together each week for 12 weeks to discuss our lives, businesses and building branding value. Together we will strategize ways to push forward!

We gather for two hours in our private online meeting room for this moderated discussion.

A link to each weeks’ resources will be added after the meeting, within two days.

Proven Success

MasterClass Resources

Weekly Resources

MasterClass Week Two

MasterClass Week Three

MasterClass Week Four

MasterClass Week Five

MasterClass Week Six

Rashmi Airan and Bob Bonnen

UQ Matrix Exercise

MasterClass Week Seven

Rosemary Ravinal & Tina Brown

MasterClass Week Nine

MasterClass Week Ten

MasterClass Week Eleven

MasterClass Week Twelve


What We Do Best


Brainstorm solutions for member problems.


Members finding support and accountability.


Discovering opportunities for members’ collaboration.


Discuss the shifting business solutions of the day


Members come away feeling supported, energized and motivated.


Celebrate recent members’ successes.


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