“One of the most powerful and eye-opening days for our company, and for me personally! Bruce and Will’s collaboration helped us identify ideas and SOLUTIONS to some of our most pressing business issues and problems – none of which we identified on our own.

These actionable ideas have been transformational and instrumental in market share, increased revenues, and employee engagement!”

– Tom Gieselman

“Future Proof Your Brand”

“Innovative Strategies to Scale”

“Identifying and Creating Opportunities”

Imagine walking into a conference room early in the morning, and 8 to12 hours later, your understanding and your visions of your business are completely transformed.

Discover New Perspectives


Transform Your Business

Your Guides

Bruce Turkel, a world renowned and highly respected author, speaker, and super-successful marketing and branding genius.

Across from Bruce sits Will Ezell. Will has built some of the most successful direct marketing programs ever – chances are you’ve bought some of the products Will has been responsible for selling.

Will’s focus is to help you craft compelling messages and implement a critical success component – “The 13 Profit Activators” into your enterprise. They are the processes and systems developed and utilized by Bruce and Will to create fortunes for themselves and their clients.

Bruce Turkel

Branding Genius

Will Ezell

Innovator / Word Genius

Discover Clarity

If there’s any recurring theme holding back almost everyone who has participated, it’s these – uncertainty and a lack of clarity. Confusion. Gaps and holes.

If this sounds familiar, know that seeing through Bruce and Will’s “Fresh Eyes” will provide you with a confidential space and powerful collaboration that will generate outcomes that include:

  • Discover New Perspectives
  • Fresh Ideas
  • Critical Insights
  • Proven Solutions
  • Creative Strategies
  • Honest Feedback
  • “Straight-Talk”
  • Real-World Success Examples
  • Uncovering and Solving Problems
  • Support and Inspiration
  • Focus
  • Synergy
  • Resources and Vendors
  • And yes – even some challenges…

Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Privately held enterprises. Many come back, again and again – some find it so productive that they schedule monthly Discovery Days.

Who Attends

It’s not for people who don’t take action. Why? Because they’re the first ones to complain when they discover they have work to do.

Second – it’s most definitely not for people who aren’t serious about personal and business growth.

Who this is NOT for

We only host 2 Discovery Days each month. If it’s not for you, please leave the Day open for someone who IS serious about solving problems, getting a BIG jump ahead and achieving more. Thank you.


Who this IS for

If you’re searching for CLARITY and CERTAINTY and some super-creative, innovative, unique and fresh proven ideas and SOLUTIONS – many that you’ve never seen or heard of previously – then The Discovery Day is for you and your team.

It’s for anyone who has the desire to get a BIG jump ahead and to achieve MORE in every way imaginable.

Is that you (and your team)? Then yes, please – JOIN US NOW!

Join Us at YourDiscoveryDay.com

 “The stories. The examples. The ideas. The solutions. Beyond genius! We’ll be back next month!”

What are you waiting for?